Friday, January 19, 2007

House for sale!

So, we are just a few days away from putting our house on the market. What a stressful (and exciting) time this is! The beginning of December, two homes in the front of our neighborhood went up for sale, so we decided we would watch them and see what happened before deciding what to so with ours. WELL, they both sold in less than 3 weeks, for the highest prices ever paid for homes in our neighborhood. So, we were faced with the decision, do we list while the market seems to be hot (also chancing that we could be homeless in a matter of weeks!) or wait and possibly have two mortgages to pay after we move? We (obviously) have chosen to go ahead and list.

The house thing is very interesting, with me being an interior designer (of model homes, no less) I think that it has to be perfect. I basically think it needs to look like a model home. Well, this doesn't exactly work out that way with two toddlers that actually LIVE in the home. I am trying to come to terms with this and not make them and myself (and Kelly) nuts. I must admit, I'm not doing very well, we are going kind of crazy in the midst of all this. I do love how my house is nicer now than it ever has been before---and now we are leaving!!!

On another (and much more fun) note, the girls are really starting to play together like buddies. In the past, they would just play side by side, but now they are playing babies, kitchen, reading each other books. One of their favorite things to play is to pretend they are going to ride the "blue pig" (from riding the pink pig at Christmas). They get their strollers, put their babies in them and go to the "elevator", one of them pushes the button. They then "park" their strollers (as we had to do) and then take their babies out of them and go sit on the rug in the hallway, the "Blue Pig"!!! They talk about all the stuff they see as they go. . . It's adorable.

As we get closer to two (only one month away!) Sadie gets more and more like a two year old. She is so stinking cute and sweet most of the time, but she is VERY strong willed. I only thought Molly was strong willed until I had Sadie!!! My Mom and Dad just chuckle to themselves and say she's just like I was at her age. They have no sympathy whatsoever!!! She is very smart and talks non-stop (which is cute, but also very exhausting at times). She LOVES chick-fil-a and if we get in the car, she wants to know if chick-fil-a is open (because sometimes I have to tell her a little white lie about them being closed so that she will stop talking about it!!!) and if we are going there. If we have been there in past few days, she says "go chic-fa-ya ast nite?" (Go to Chick fil a last night?) or "go chic-fa-ya morrow" (go to Chick fil a tomorrow?).

Molly is growing up so quickly, she really has started taking care of her little sister. She will get them both a juice box or a snack and just start getting them all situated if I am busy. She has been waking up during the night crying saying that her legs hurt and ONLY wants her Mommy (so I can't even send Kelly to get her!). I have to admit, she has always been a Daddy's girl and I am kind of flattered by her wanting me! We think she is having growing pains because she has been eating like a horse, her pants are starting to get too short---oh, well I guess we may have to go shopping. . . . .

More to come on the house update. . .