Monday, May 03, 2010

Disney 2010 and Sadie's 5th Birthday!

When we were at Disney for Molly's 5th birthday, we told Sadie we'd take her back for hers. Well, it came around quicker than we expected, and with the addition of our little red headed princess it was a little more complicated this time around! Lucy was only 5 months old, so we decided it would be nice to have help so that we could all enjoy ourselves. Aunt Bibi and Uncle Andrew came along with us as our "helpers" and we all had a blast! Lucy was quite the trooper and it was wonderful to have help so we could enjoy riding "big girl" rides with Molly and Sadie.

Sadie had her birthday dinner at Chef Mickey's

One of Sadie's MANY birthday cupcakes

Lucy relaxing after a long day at the parks. . .

Molly driving me around the track, I have nightmares about what this will be like in 10 years in a real car.

Lucy at the Cinderella dinner with Anastasia (I think), their hair matches :-)

We had a blast, but plan to go back on Lucy's 5th birthday!!

Beach Trip

Since Christmas, we've done quite a bit of traveling. Three days after Christmas, we went to Perdido Key, Florida and met Mama Lynn and Granddaddy for a visit. The beach was very cold, and getting to and from the indoor pool from our condo was quite challenging. We figured out from the winter residents that the trick is to use a cozy robe, after that we were all good!

Lucy enjoyed her first dip in the pool with her sisters. Anytime they are around and paying attention to her, she's happy. She's such an amazingly great baby.

We spent some very chilly time on the beach, but the girls didn't care how cold it was, they loved every second.

We had a wonderful time and hope to make it a yearly tradition. It was a nice break after the craziness of the holidays and Kelly's busiest work related time of the year.

Finally back!

I can't believe it's been almost 6 months since my last post. My sister Libby keeps asking me if I'm ever going to post again, as if I could post anything she doesn't already know! But, like I've said before, this blog is primarily meant as a keepsake for my family, so even if I don't write often it's better than never. Now, to figure out what's been going on since November. . . .

We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family of five. We celebrated Thanksgiving at Libby and Andrew's house this year and had a great time. The girls love their "Bibi" (I think no matter how old they get they'll still call her that)and Uncle Andrew. Here is a picture of the girls that day:

Sadie was a pilgrim in her preschool Thanksgiving program and did a great job. It makes me sad that she'll be in Kindergarten next year!

Christmas was a little different this year. My sisters and I didn't all stay together, which I missed, but we have our own families now and there's too much stuff to drag around to be together on Christmas Eve night (if you know what I mean)! But we all were together at our house by mid morning on Christmas day, so it was great. It's so fun to watch the girls at Christmas, it really brings back the magic. Lucy and Annie both celebrated their first Christmas, it's fun to have cousins so close in age. I have a feeling they are going to be a mess!

The best picture I could get of the baby cousins!

Molly and Mrs. Niedrach, her kindergarten teacher

Sadie decorating her gingerbread house at her school party!

Lucy Claus

So, that's the recap of the holidays. Now to move on and get the last 5 months updated!