Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Molly turns four!

Molly turned four on the 7th of this month and we had quite a celebration. It actually was more of a birthday long weekend than just a "day". Thursday (the day before her birthday) we made cupcakes and took them to Molly's preschool class. On Friday which was her actual birthday, Granna came to visit and brought all kinds of suprises. That night we went to dinner (she wanted "fried oprah" (okra)--can you tell she's from the south?) and then to an outdoor concert where the girls had a ball. They danced and played and we all had a great time. Then on Saturday, Granddaddy and Mama Lynn came from Texas to visit! We took them "out on the town" in the new city we've moved to and had a nice time. Sunday was the big day, Molly's ice cream party!! I haven't actually counted how many people came to the party, but I know it was around 50. It was fun, but I don't plan to do another party that big (remind me of that in February when I start planning Sadie's:-). Here are some pictures from the birthday weekend:

At her school party

With her new baby doll

Sadie got a baby too!

The birthday girl did not everyone singing to her--she buried herself in my chest.

Mama Lynn visited for a few days after the party, this was taken right before she left! I hope she has recovered by now, I'm sure we wore her out!

Molly had a wonderful birthday, it's hard to believe she is four years old. I do love this age though, she's big enough to fairly independent, but still wants to hang out with me--which I know will come to an end soon enough. . . . .

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

growing up. . . .

It has been so long since I've written, I'm not even going to attempt to catch up. We LOVE our new home and the new city we live in. We are enjoying the "small town" kind of life, I think it suits us very well. Kelly is enjoying his new job and works with a group of truly nice guys who are looking out for him. It's amazing how different life is without Kelly in residency!!! He is actally home most weekends (he's on call every 5th) and makes it home in time for bedtime almost every night. The past couple of months have been wonderful for our family.

The girls are back in preschool and are doing very well. I am thrilled with the program they are in, it is a vast improvement over the one they were in last year. Molly's adjustment has been great, she already knew the "twiplets" that are in her class, so I think that made a big difference. Sadie has had a little bit harder time than I expected her to, but overall seems to be doing good.

Molly will be 4 on Friday and I can't believe she's that old already!!!!!!!! She is having a party this weekend and is so excited. She is really growing up, she has started sighing at me and giving me these "looks". Kelly says she looks just like me when she does it, I guess they do watch everything I do!! Sadie is still her strong willed, incredibly sweet little self. She is really into books right now and will sit and read out loud to herself for long periods of time. She and Molly are learning to drive each other nuts, so I've been playing referee alot lately!

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. . .

A few pictures from our beach trip in July--
We went to Hilton Head and it was the best family vacation we've ever had. Everyone enjoyed themselves and relaxed.

Molly in her fort--she and Sadie spend a lot of time playing up there!

I was unloading the boxes of china for the cabinet and they climbed in the cabinet! I thought it was really cute so I took this picture--but they were instructed to smile for the camera, but to never climb in the cabinet again!!!!

Fun in the tub!