Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

This Christmas was our first in our new home and our first with Reagan! The girls had a Breakfast with Santa at their preschool a few weeks before Christmas (which was wonderful because we didn't have to do the mall Santa!) and Reagan joined them for their visit. Granna made the girls all matching jumpers, it's so fun to have three girls to dress alike. Sadie wasn't quite sure what she thought of Santa, so she hung back a little bit but didn't scream like she did last year. Molly was so excited and wrote her entire letter to Santa by herself (I spelled things for her, but she wrote it).

I did my best throughout the season to focus on Jesus' Birthday and not all the stuff. I really want the girls to enjoy Christmas and recieve gifts but understand that all the stuff doesn't really matter (I know they are too young to get it yet!). We saw two live nativity scenes, which we really enjoyed and spent alot of time talking about what Christmas is all about.

We made our second annual trip to the dollar store for the girls to pick out their family gifts. I let them buy whatever they want and it's always a treat to see what they pick out. This year they also wrapped them themselves and were so proud of their gifts. Here are a few examples of what they picked out--Sadie bought Kelly a plastic dinosaur toy and Libby some ponies, Molly picked out some highlighters for Kelly and some Nerds candy for Kasey! It has become one of the highlights of the day to open the gifts from the girls.

The whole family stayed with us on Christmas Eve, so that was really fun. The girls were really excited about Santa coming!!! The big request this year was Butterscotch the Pony, which was Santa's big gift for both of them. Molly's other request was the Island Princess Barbie. Sadie wanted a blue Baby Alive (which turns out is a boy and anatomically correct!). The joke of Christmas morning was to see how long it took Sadie to figure out that the baby had boy parts. Of course, the first thing she did when she opened the doll was take its diaper off (she does that with all dolls) and Molly said "Sadie!! That baby has a p***s (which she prounounces pee-noss)!!" OH, how we laughed. . .

Poor Sadie was very sick on Christmas Day. She felt so awful, she had a fever, cough and runny nose and slept most of the day. I hated that she didn't get to enjoy the day. All she wanted to do was sleep.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving at our new home!

I said I was going to start at Sadie's birthday, but I decided to go back and do Thanksgiving and Christmas so there aren't any big events left out. We finally have enough room in our new home (and my parents now live in a townhouse!) to have our family get togethers comfortably. It's so nice to have everyone at our house for a change.

This year for Thanksgiving Nana joined us (my paternal grandmother) which was very special. Since we've moved she is now only about a hour away, so is able to travel the shorter distance. Two years ago I had four living grandparents (one of which was a great-grandmother) and now I only have Nana left. The girls thought it was so neat that Nana came to our house, they attached themselves to her when she came in and didn't let go. I know they wore her out, but that she loved it. We loved her being here.

Thanksgiving Day was also Granna's birthday. I won't tell the blogosphere how old she is. . . .

Here are some pictures from the girls Thanksgiving programs at school and from Thanksgiving Day:

The girls in their "cousin" t-shirts-- Big Cousin Molly, Big Cousin Sadie and Little Cousin Reagan!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Molly goes to the Dentist!

Molly went to the Dentist this morning for the first time!! We had two appointments, so I went first and she watched. The hygenist was very sweet and Molly really warmed up to her. It also helps that the Dentist lives next door to us and she has met him several times. She and Sadie walk over to his yard daily and pet his dog "Georgia", so anyone that has a dog they will let Molly pet is a friend of hers! We both had a good report with no cavities. Sadie will go with us next time so that experience may be a little different :-)

Here are some pictures from the visit:

A flouride treatment--she said she looked like a duck!

So, what did we do when we got home?? What you always should do after going to the dentist--made caramel apples!! Sorry Dr. Muller, we'll brush after we eat them!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Good Times

We have been doing all kinds of fun fall activities. You know, we moved to this small town and were worried we might get bored and there might not be enough to "do"----that is NOT the case here!!!!! I have laughed and told several people that the social event calendar here is wearing me out. It's funny, we've gone from residency where we didn't have the time (much less the money) to do much of anything, to a full on packed social calendar. It's really wonderful though, we've met so many great people that we already feel like this is home.

We were re-introduced to the fair last week--and it was exactly as I remember the fair being. I haven't been to a fair in probably 20 years (wow, that makes me sound OLD). The one thing I didn't realize was how expensive it is, it made Six Flags look like a bargain. The money spent was worth every penny when I saw the sheer joy on Molly's face riding the rides. I'm not sure I've ever seen her have that much fun and I think she would've ridden every ride there if we had let her--she had absolutely no fear at all. Sadie and I would prefer to watch and she and her Daddy can ride :-)

Me and my Mini Me on the carousel (the only ride Sadie liked!)

We also have been spending alot of time outside at our house. One of the primary reasons we bought our house is because of the yard and all the outdoor living space it has and we are finally getting to enjoy it!

Today Daddy was on call so we talked Granna into coming up and joining us for the big Chili Cook off. We liked the chili (as you can see by our faces), but mostly enjoyed hanging out with Granna!

Baby Reagan is going to visit our house for the first time tomorrow and we are so excited!! We'll post more pictures after the big visit!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sweet baby Reagan

Kasey and Josh welcomed their daughter Reagan into the world on Thursday, October 4th at 9:22 pm. She weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces and was 19.75 inches long--she's so tiny! I love having a tiny baby to cuddle again, I am really enjoying being an Aunt. Molly and Sadie are so taken with baby Reagan, it's all they talk about--I mean, it is the first cousin they've ever had. Kasey and Josh have been very sweet and have let the girls love all over her as much as they want. She is a beautiful baby, she has a headful of medium blond hair and when she smiles in her sleep it looks like she has her Daddy's dimples. Here are some pictures of all the little princesses:

Big D and his girls-

Swaddled like a burrito

Already a bulldog

Sweet cousins

Reagan is pulling at Kelly and I's heartstrings and making us wonder if we want another one. At least for now, I am going to enjoy being an Aunt and all the perks you get from not being the "Mommy"!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Molly turns four!

Molly turned four on the 7th of this month and we had quite a celebration. It actually was more of a birthday long weekend than just a "day". Thursday (the day before her birthday) we made cupcakes and took them to Molly's preschool class. On Friday which was her actual birthday, Granna came to visit and brought all kinds of suprises. That night we went to dinner (she wanted "fried oprah" (okra)--can you tell she's from the south?) and then to an outdoor concert where the girls had a ball. They danced and played and we all had a great time. Then on Saturday, Granddaddy and Mama Lynn came from Texas to visit! We took them "out on the town" in the new city we've moved to and had a nice time. Sunday was the big day, Molly's ice cream party!! I haven't actually counted how many people came to the party, but I know it was around 50. It was fun, but I don't plan to do another party that big (remind me of that in February when I start planning Sadie's:-). Here are some pictures from the birthday weekend:

At her school party

With her new baby doll

Sadie got a baby too!

The birthday girl did not everyone singing to her--she buried herself in my chest.

Mama Lynn visited for a few days after the party, this was taken right before she left! I hope she has recovered by now, I'm sure we wore her out!

Molly had a wonderful birthday, it's hard to believe she is four years old. I do love this age though, she's big enough to fairly independent, but still wants to hang out with me--which I know will come to an end soon enough. . . . .

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

growing up. . . .

It has been so long since I've written, I'm not even going to attempt to catch up. We LOVE our new home and the new city we live in. We are enjoying the "small town" kind of life, I think it suits us very well. Kelly is enjoying his new job and works with a group of truly nice guys who are looking out for him. It's amazing how different life is without Kelly in residency!!! He is actally home most weekends (he's on call every 5th) and makes it home in time for bedtime almost every night. The past couple of months have been wonderful for our family.

The girls are back in preschool and are doing very well. I am thrilled with the program they are in, it is a vast improvement over the one they were in last year. Molly's adjustment has been great, she already knew the "twiplets" that are in her class, so I think that made a big difference. Sadie has had a little bit harder time than I expected her to, but overall seems to be doing good.

Molly will be 4 on Friday and I can't believe she's that old already!!!!!!!! She is having a party this weekend and is so excited. She is really growing up, she has started sighing at me and giving me these "looks". Kelly says she looks just like me when she does it, I guess they do watch everything I do!! Sadie is still her strong willed, incredibly sweet little self. She is really into books right now and will sit and read out loud to herself for long periods of time. She and Molly are learning to drive each other nuts, so I've been playing referee alot lately!

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. . .

A few pictures from our beach trip in July--
We went to Hilton Head and it was the best family vacation we've ever had. Everyone enjoyed themselves and relaxed.

Molly in her fort--she and Sadie spend a lot of time playing up there!

I was unloading the boxes of china for the cabinet and they climbed in the cabinet! I thought it was really cute so I took this picture--but they were instructed to smile for the camera, but to never climb in the cabinet again!!!!

Fun in the tub!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Greetings from the new house!

We are all moved in and somewhat settled in the new place. So far we love it here! The girls are having a blast exploring the house and the yard. Here are a few pics from the past week or so.

Sadie on her new bike--which she rode in Wal-Mart, but then wants someone to push her at home--LAZY!

Molly rides like a mad woman and scares me to death. She has already skinned up both of her knees, but she just keeps on going. We are trying to teach her to use her brakes, but she just doesn't get it yet!

Playing in the new treehouse, Molly found a fishing pole. . . .

Doing what Mayfields do best (except Sadie of course) SLEEPING!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

pictures from June

Sadie is officially potty trained!!! This picture makes me laugh because it basically shows the number of pairs of panties that Sadie wears in a day---and not because she needs to change them, but she feels it is necessary to put on a clean pair almost every time she uses the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me crazy! In our new house, the "panty drawer" will be upstairs and not so close to the potty she uses most of the time--thank goodness!

Libby's birthday was June 6th, and the girls made her a cake. She came over on her birthday and they were so proud of their creation for Aunt Bibi!

My babies are too big! They both use a "big girl" swing now. It really hit me when I saw this picture.

We also made Daddy a birthday cake! We had a great time, although it was a HUGE mess for Mommy (but everything that is fun seems to be!)

I'll post next week after we get to the new house!