Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Golden Rule and Manners

The girls have been talking about the golden rule in preschool this week. This morning I awoke to hearing them arguing on the monitor, so I turned it off, rolled over and prayed they'd go back to sleep. They did not go back to sleep and it turns out that Sadie pulled Molly's hair, so Molly pulled hers back. When Molly was asked why she did that, she very seriously said "The golden rule says to do unto others what they have done to you." Oh, my. . .I think we need to talk about the golden rule. . .

Manners are a big thing at our house. I insist and remind the girls of their manners constantly and feel like it's always falling on deaf ears. But an incident at my Mom's today proved that they are listening. The girls had taken out alot of toys at my Mom's and they were scattered about under my Mom's feet while she was trying to cook. Sadie came in and my Mom said, "Sadie, would you like to pick up these toys for Granna so I don't fall over them?" Sadie looked at my Mom and politely replied "No, thank you Granna" and went about her business. I guess we need to work on listening and not manners.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Disney Trip and Molly's 5th Birthday

Wow! What a week we had at Disney! Thanks to our "Fairy Trip Mother" who helped me organize every detail, we were able to experience ALOT in the time we were there. We left on Tuesday night after an intense day of getting ready (thanks to Granna I didn't lose my mind) and drove 3 hours to break up the trip. Kelly was on call for 4 days for Labor Day weekend so he was exhausted (slept 2 hours the night before) so he and the girls slept while I drove. We got a hotel room in south Georgia and woke up bright and early to finish our journey. We arrived at Disney early afternoon on Wednesday so we were able squeeze in some extra time! We stayed at the cabins at Fort Wilderness and I would highly recommend them. It was a wonderful alternative to a hotel room (or two, which the price was astronomical on!). We were able to put the girls to bed and then retreat to the living room and relax for a while.

We had dinner with Pooh and his friends, the princesses (twice), Mickey and his friends and got all dolled up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. We spent time at all the parks, but Magic Kingdom's Fantasy Land was by far the girl's favorite spot. Molly's favorite ride was Goofy's Barnstormer and Splash Mountain and Sadie's was Dumbo.

Molly turned 5 on September 7th, so we celebrated her big day while we were there. I am still struggling with her being 5, I'm not ready for her to grow up. I know she's still a little girl, but it makes me sad anyway. I want to hold onto her sweetness forever.

I took over 200 pictures during our vacation, so I'll just show you the highlights. . .

On the way to Magic Kingdom on our first day:

We met up with our friends to celebrate Molly's birthday, the kids LOVE each other and have a blast together (and so do the parents!)

On our way to meet the princesses:

Mickey's not so scary Halloween party had free face painting (Sadie was dressed as tinkerbell but chose to have her face painted like goofy--typical!)

In "Mexico" at Epcot (Daddy was getting he and Mommy a much needed margarita):

Molly and her birthday cupcake at Chef Mickey's:

Molly took this picture of Kelly, I think it's pretty good!

Sadie grabbing Donald Duck's tail. . . (I'm telling you, she's trouble!)

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique had three choices for princess hair: Fairytale (up in a bun with a crown--what I would have preferred), Disney Diva (long curly extensions), or Pop Princess. I unfortunately did not know there were photos of the choices in the brochure they handed the girls when they checked us in and here's what they chose. . . .it's really lovely, huh?

We all had a blast but are glad to be home and rested. You should definitely schedule a "vacation" after your Disney "vacation"!!!