Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm going to be an Aunt!!

Kasey and Josh are going to make me an Aunt!!! I'm so excited that we are going to have another baby in the family, my girls are getting too big. Kasey is due on October 23rd, so she is about 15 weeks along right now. And let me tell you, she has had a rough time so far. Not only has she had SEVERE morning sickness but she has been hospitalized 3 times so far with kidney stones. She is actually in the hospital right now and we are praying that the doctors will find a way to relieve her pain so she can enjoy her pregnancy! She had an ultrasound yesterday and we were hoping they might be able to tell the sex of the baby, but it wouldn't cooperate and let them see what's going on between its legs.

having a baby

Baby Thomason