Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

This Christmas was our first in our new home and our first with Reagan! The girls had a Breakfast with Santa at their preschool a few weeks before Christmas (which was wonderful because we didn't have to do the mall Santa!) and Reagan joined them for their visit. Granna made the girls all matching jumpers, it's so fun to have three girls to dress alike. Sadie wasn't quite sure what she thought of Santa, so she hung back a little bit but didn't scream like she did last year. Molly was so excited and wrote her entire letter to Santa by herself (I spelled things for her, but she wrote it).

I did my best throughout the season to focus on Jesus' Birthday and not all the stuff. I really want the girls to enjoy Christmas and recieve gifts but understand that all the stuff doesn't really matter (I know they are too young to get it yet!). We saw two live nativity scenes, which we really enjoyed and spent alot of time talking about what Christmas is all about.

We made our second annual trip to the dollar store for the girls to pick out their family gifts. I let them buy whatever they want and it's always a treat to see what they pick out. This year they also wrapped them themselves and were so proud of their gifts. Here are a few examples of what they picked out--Sadie bought Kelly a plastic dinosaur toy and Libby some ponies, Molly picked out some highlighters for Kelly and some Nerds candy for Kasey! It has become one of the highlights of the day to open the gifts from the girls.

The whole family stayed with us on Christmas Eve, so that was really fun. The girls were really excited about Santa coming!!! The big request this year was Butterscotch the Pony, which was Santa's big gift for both of them. Molly's other request was the Island Princess Barbie. Sadie wanted a blue Baby Alive (which turns out is a boy and anatomically correct!). The joke of Christmas morning was to see how long it took Sadie to figure out that the baby had boy parts. Of course, the first thing she did when she opened the doll was take its diaper off (she does that with all dolls) and Molly said "Sadie!! That baby has a p***s (which she prounounces pee-noss)!!" OH, how we laughed. . .

Poor Sadie was very sick on Christmas Day. She felt so awful, she had a fever, cough and runny nose and slept most of the day. I hated that she didn't get to enjoy the day. All she wanted to do was sleep.