Friday, March 30, 2007

Houses. . . .

The whole house buying and selling process is wearing me out. We had a contract on our house that fell through earlier in the week when an inspector told our buyer that we had mold in the crawlspace! We completely freaked out and had a mold specialist come out that day and it is in fact NOT mold, but dryer lint from an old vent that was down there (from the previous location of the washer and dryer). The buyer didn't give us a chance to even check it out before they bailed, so we are back to square one. We were disappointed, but we still have plenty of time to sell before July. We also made an offer on a house last week, but the counter offer was terrible so we'll see what happens. We may just walk away and buy another house, but again, we have plenty of time.

In the meantime, the girls have been having a blast playing outside in this beautiful weather! They got a package from Aunt Ashley last week and among other things, it had band-aids--one of their VERY favorite things!! Thanks Ashley! I was not paying attention and they decided it would be a good idea to stick them everywhere---even their eyes. . .

This picture is funny, but getting the bandaids off their eyelids was not. . . .

Kelly has been on a wonderful rotation this month and has been home alot! It has been a great time for this rotation with our crazy house situation. This picture is from he and his assistant cutting the grass one afternoon! Sadie sat on the porch in my lap because she doesn't like the sound of the lawn mower.

The girls had their Easter parties at school this week and loved the egg hunts. Molly really understands the concept of the egg hunt this year and it's been her favorite activity for the last couple of days! This picture is from Sadie's class party (Molly came too!)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daddy's Vacation

Kelly has been on vacation this week, and we've had a great time together. We went to the zoo and spent some time looking for a new house. We are struggling a little bit selling our house, the market is a little flooded so we are praying for something to happen soon. I am trying to be patient, but as most of you know it is certainly not my biggest virtue!

Click below to see a slideshow of what we've been up to!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to Sadie!

My baby girl turned two last week. I can't believe how quickly time flies when you are watching kids grow! We had a little "family" party on Sunday and she had a great time. We had the party at Kasey and Josh's because there was an open house going on at our house at the same time. I took her to Publix on Friday and let her pick out her cake, so we had an Elmo party.

Granna and Big D gave both Molly and Sadie these adorable dress up outfits, they've been having a ball playing in them!

I had to include this picture because it just makes me laugh. . . This is what Molly and Sadie look like when they wake up in the morning! Sadie went to bed with her hair wet, can you tell??