Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to Sadie!

My baby girl turned two last week. I can't believe how quickly time flies when you are watching kids grow! We had a little "family" party on Sunday and she had a great time. We had the party at Kasey and Josh's because there was an open house going on at our house at the same time. I took her to Publix on Friday and let her pick out her cake, so we had an Elmo party.

Granna and Big D gave both Molly and Sadie these adorable dress up outfits, they've been having a ball playing in them!

I had to include this picture because it just makes me laugh. . . This is what Molly and Sadie look like when they wake up in the morning! Sadie went to bed with her hair wet, can you tell??


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sadie! I cannot beleive your are two!!!!!!!! Laurie, so good to see the pics and get caught up on your family events! The girls are adorable, as always!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie -
Happy Birthday to you and Sadie. The pictures are precious. I hope you both had wonderful birthdays. Gifts are on the way. Give the girls a hug and kiss!
Love and Miss You,