Monday, July 27, 2009

Early Summer Update

As usual, it's been a while. . . I'm gonna try to recap all the pertinent events that happened in May and June, so hold on!

In early May, Molly fell of her Razor scooter and broke her arm. She was in a cast for four weeks, but handled it like a champ. Now, much to my dismay, she rides the scooter again!!! Here is one of the only pics I have of her with her neon pink cast:

Later in May, preschool ended with a fabulous circus themed program. Molly was a hula-hooper (broken arm and all) and Sadie was an acrobat. Molly also "graduated" from kindergarten, which marked the end of her preschool career. My heart was broken thinking about her moving on to "big" school and being gone all day! I know she is ready (she'll be in kindergarten again because of her September 7th birthday), but I'm not sure I am. They both had wonderful teachers that I couldn't have been more thrilled with and that will be greatly missed!

A few weeks after school finished up, we headed for our annual family trip to Hilton Head. Every year, we are adding more kiddos, so we may be looking for a bigger house to stay in next time!! Molly, Sadie and Reagan have a blast playing together. I hope they will always be so crazy about each other. Annie was our new addition this year and she was about 6 weeks old on the trip--and did great!

The best part of vacation is that we get Daddy all to ourselves with no pager or phone ringing for a whole week!!!!

That pretty much covers May and June. I realized by looking through my pictures that I took very few pictures in June, which basically means I have no idea what we did :-) All I know is I am quite pregnant and it's VERY hot here in Georgia, so any indoor activity I can come up with is at the top of my list!

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