Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Love Christmas time!!!

Wow, what a great Christmas we had!!! Christmas is so much fun with little ones around, and the girls are the perfect ages to start to "get it". We are still trying to find our house under all the stuff, it's truly overwhelming. Our house is very small and has virtually no storage, so we are being overtaken by toys. I am working on donating many of the toys that aren't played with much or have so many pieces they drive me crazy, but I have to pack them up and get them out of the house while the girls aren't around, so that's not an easy task. I am also finding that I'm a little bit emotionally attached to some of the toys, like Molly's baby stroller that she got for her first birthday--they got great new strollers, and the old one is falling apart, but still. . . . .

We had a fairly calm Christmas without too much running around to do. Kelly's parents have moved and are coming in town later this week, so we only had one family to visit with. We stayed at Granna and Big D's house (my Mom and Dad)and Santa came there. We went to a great family Christmas Eve service that the girls really enjoyed and then had a wonderful dinner with the whole family. Then off to bed to wait for Santa! Molly was so excited, she put out cookies and milk for Santa and raisins and carrots for the reindeer.

The girls got some really great toys that they are enjoying. They both got doll strollers, doll carriers and dolls--which are exactly the same. Santa apparently has learned that it is much easier if they just get the same thing so they don't have to fight over it and can play together :-) They also got an easel, which we all love, they painted three times today! But the favorite toy is the very loud and annoying Dora ride on toy (thank you Aunt Kasey and Uncle Josh--you will be paid back for this someday!).

Libby and Andrew gave both the girls UGA shirts, and Sadie loves the "bullgogs". Anytime she sees her "bullgog" shirt or socks she insists on wearing them. We have some tiny baby bulldog socks that she loves and will throw a complete fit to wear them even though I have to CRAM her feet into them. When she opened her new shirt on Christmas, she had to put it on at that very minute before she would do anything else--I think we have a future UGA grad on our hands--GO DAWGS!!

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas and I'm sad that it's over already. I am so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy daughters, a great husband and an incredible family. That's the best Christmas gift I could ever have. I truly don't need anything else. Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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