Thursday, February 08, 2007

Our Little Buddy. . . .

For those of you that don't know, we have a very territorial, loud, obnoxious, tempermental and unfriendly dog. His name is Squirt and Kelly and I got him when we were in college (he's 10 years old now), and he was our first baby. Unfortunately for him, when the girls came along, he quickly lost his status as our baby!! He is mean to anyone he doesn't know and barks at EVERYTHING. We've tried "bark" collars (the ones that mildly shock them when they bark) and he wears them out within days!!!!! Luckily for Squirt, Molly and Sadie are absolutely crazy about him. As mean as he can be, he has never done anything to threaten the girls. Molly calls him her "boy" or her "little buddy" and loves on him all the time. I put Molly to bed a few days ago and Squirt was laying down with her. A few minutes after I walked out of her room, she called for me. When I went into her room she had snuggled Squirt up under her blanket with just his head sticking out and was laying next to him. She is so stinking sweet!

Sadie loves Squirt too, but I think he's kind of afraid of her. She climbs on him sometimes and is more rough with him than Molly is, I know it's partially just her age (and his!). He just lays around most of the time and doesn't appreciate a toddler interrupting his naps! As you can tell in the picture he is trying to figure out how to get away from Sadie!!!!

Sadie has recently learned to take her clothes off by herself and it is now one of her favorite hobbies--not so fun for Mommy, especially when she pulled her pants down at Moe's!!! Here she is reading completely naked in her rocking chair, what am I going to do with her?

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JenMom said...

Hilarious little stripper! I have a child who constantly asks me if I'll let him run "nekkid like a jaybird."
The portraits are gorgeous!!!