Saturday, October 13, 2007

Good Times

We have been doing all kinds of fun fall activities. You know, we moved to this small town and were worried we might get bored and there might not be enough to "do"----that is NOT the case here!!!!! I have laughed and told several people that the social event calendar here is wearing me out. It's funny, we've gone from residency where we didn't have the time (much less the money) to do much of anything, to a full on packed social calendar. It's really wonderful though, we've met so many great people that we already feel like this is home.

We were re-introduced to the fair last week--and it was exactly as I remember the fair being. I haven't been to a fair in probably 20 years (wow, that makes me sound OLD). The one thing I didn't realize was how expensive it is, it made Six Flags look like a bargain. The money spent was worth every penny when I saw the sheer joy on Molly's face riding the rides. I'm not sure I've ever seen her have that much fun and I think she would've ridden every ride there if we had let her--she had absolutely no fear at all. Sadie and I would prefer to watch and she and her Daddy can ride :-)

Me and my Mini Me on the carousel (the only ride Sadie liked!)

We also have been spending alot of time outside at our house. One of the primary reasons we bought our house is because of the yard and all the outdoor living space it has and we are finally getting to enjoy it!

Today Daddy was on call so we talked Granna into coming up and joining us for the big Chili Cook off. We liked the chili (as you can see by our faces), but mostly enjoyed hanging out with Granna!

Baby Reagan is going to visit our house for the first time tomorrow and we are so excited!! We'll post more pictures after the big visit!

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