Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Molly goes to the Dentist!

Molly went to the Dentist this morning for the first time!! We had two appointments, so I went first and she watched. The hygenist was very sweet and Molly really warmed up to her. It also helps that the Dentist lives next door to us and she has met him several times. She and Sadie walk over to his yard daily and pet his dog "Georgia", so anyone that has a dog they will let Molly pet is a friend of hers! We both had a good report with no cavities. Sadie will go with us next time so that experience may be a little different :-)

Here are some pictures from the visit:

A flouride treatment--she said she looked like a duck!

So, what did we do when we got home?? What you always should do after going to the dentist--made caramel apples!! Sorry Dr. Muller, we'll brush after we eat them!

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JMom said...

I loved catching up on all the photos and am sooo glad ya'll are enjoying living here. There's much to be said for small town living isn't there?