Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving at our new home!

I said I was going to start at Sadie's birthday, but I decided to go back and do Thanksgiving and Christmas so there aren't any big events left out. We finally have enough room in our new home (and my parents now live in a townhouse!) to have our family get togethers comfortably. It's so nice to have everyone at our house for a change.

This year for Thanksgiving Nana joined us (my paternal grandmother) which was very special. Since we've moved she is now only about a hour away, so is able to travel the shorter distance. Two years ago I had four living grandparents (one of which was a great-grandmother) and now I only have Nana left. The girls thought it was so neat that Nana came to our house, they attached themselves to her when she came in and didn't let go. I know they wore her out, but that she loved it. We loved her being here.

Thanksgiving Day was also Granna's birthday. I won't tell the blogosphere how old she is. . . .

Here are some pictures from the girls Thanksgiving programs at school and from Thanksgiving Day:

The girls in their "cousin" t-shirts-- Big Cousin Molly, Big Cousin Sadie and Little Cousin Reagan!

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Anonymous said...

I am so sad that I missed Thanksgiving last year. It will NOT happen this year.