Sunday, April 06, 2008

Preschool Field Trip

Last week, Molly's class had a field trip to a local college's "Agriculture" week. Some of the college kids brought out a few farm animals for the class to pet. They saw a sheep, a calf, a horse and its one month old foal, a guinea pig (I was a little puzzled by this also), and a puppy with a broken leg looking for a home (the highlight of my kids trip--because we never see dogs??)

The teachers coordinated "field day" kind of games with the kids, which were a big hit. They had a bean bag toss and played "red light, green light" and "duck, duck, goose". The girls have played "red light, green light" nonstop since the field trip, but they have rules about how it is played. Usually it's just the three of us playing, so one of us has to be the teacher at the starting line, one has to be the teacher at the finish line, so that means that only one person actually gets to play. They were excited when their Daddy got home early one night last week and he and I could be the teachers and they could both play!

My friend and I decided to venture into the student center for lunch with all five of our children. Our children are always noticed not only because there are 5 of them 4 and under, but because her three are triplets and people always think Molly and Sadie are twins. Wow, did I feel old in that student center!!!

Sadie playing tag with R and P

P caught Sadie for a sweet hug. . . .

K in action at the bean bag toss

Molly and the sheep

This is what Sadie thought about the bean bag toss. . .

Playing "hide and seek"--where in the world is K?

All five of the cuties--smiling, no less!


JMom said...

Yea! LOVE THESE pictures. NOw I need to get to work on the swimming ones.

Kerin said...

These pictures are adorable. I told J that I love following the blogs - I never get to see anyone but I feel like I do since I see the pictures. Hope all is well and to see you soon. Kerin