Friday, August 15, 2008


All about Sadie. . . .

I will start this post by telling you that my Mom says Sadie is EXACTLY like I was as a child. She is strong willed, spunky and outgoing. She demands alot of my attention and can be very emotional and dramatic. She is also very sweet and loving and will crawl up in my lap and tell me how much she loves me. That being said, she is also the clown of the family and provides us with constant entertainment.

Sadie is a very quick learner and is more "fact" oriented than Molly. She loves to do puzzles, play board games and read books (particularly those "look and find" books). She will bring me a pile of books that she almost can't carry in her little arms and wants to sit and read all of them. I hope that she will love to read like I do. She and Molly both like to play outside, but while Molly will ride her bike, Sadie prefers to play soccer or tee-ball.

Sadie also loves to sing and dance. Her favorite songs right now are "Your Grace is Enough" by Chris Tomlin (also a favorite of mine) and "Huff, the Magic Dragon" (as she calls it, I can't convince her that it's "Puff"). She will sing her little heart out in my backseat and it just melts me.

Sadie, I hope your passionate little spirit continues and that you will use it to glorify God. You are a sweet gift from above and we love you more than you'll ever know!

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granna said...

My precious Sadie!When I thought that I couldn't possibly love another grandchild as much as I love Molly here came Sadie and captured my heart.What a blessing.