Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Incident and Recovery

On December 29th, we had a little "incident" at our house. Our dog of 12 years, Squirt, bit Molly's little hand. I just remember being in the playroom with Sadie and Molly screaming and running into the room with blood pouring out of the palm of her hand. I put her hand under water and called Kelly to find out what he thought we should do. We wrapped a towel around her hand and ran out the door to meet Kelly at the hospital. After several surgeons took a look at it, they decided she needed to see a hand surgeon. So, after our appointment with the hand surgeon, Molly had surgery to clean out her wounds and check for serious damage to her hand. All went really well, she had a little damage to a tendon but her hand has healed nicely and functions perfectly.

About Squirt. . . he was never a friendly dog, but was WONDERFUL with the girls. He was a Rat/Fox terrier mix and was very territorial. He was aging and was getting more aggressive, having accidents in the house, and just becoming "not himself". I was always very suprised and happy at how sweet and tolerant of the girls Squirt was. They could climb all over him and he never was aggressive towards them--until the morning of December 29th. We were forced to make a very difficult decision about Squirt and he is now in doggie heaven (or hell--just kidding).

We now have a new member of our family. Buddy, the mutt that has turned out to be a cardigan welsh corgi. He is about a year old and is house and crate trained, which has been wonderful. He is a little bit hyper because of his age, but he is getting "fixed" on Friday. We are hopeful that he will calm down after his surgery. Molly has become scared of him (rightfully so after her experience) but we are working through it. He stays outside alot!!

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