Wednesday, June 27, 2007

pictures from June

Sadie is officially potty trained!!! This picture makes me laugh because it basically shows the number of pairs of panties that Sadie wears in a day---and not because she needs to change them, but she feels it is necessary to put on a clean pair almost every time she uses the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me crazy! In our new house, the "panty drawer" will be upstairs and not so close to the potty she uses most of the time--thank goodness!

Libby's birthday was June 6th, and the girls made her a cake. She came over on her birthday and they were so proud of their creation for Aunt Bibi!

My babies are too big! They both use a "big girl" swing now. It really hit me when I saw this picture.

We also made Daddy a birthday cake! We had a great time, although it was a HUGE mess for Mommy (but everything that is fun seems to be!)

I'll post next week after we get to the new house!

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JMom said...

Just stopped by the check on you!! We are so excited about you coming!!! Hang in there. Anything I can do for you here?