Friday, March 21, 2008

Papoo-Fairy comes to see Sadie

For those of you that don't know, Sadie called her pacifier her "papoo". The Papoo fairy came to see Molly when she was three, so we decided to follow suit with Sadie. The funny thing is that the transition is harder on us than it has been on either of them. The main drawback to losing the papoo is that she's not napping much anymore. Now she and Molly have rest time in their bedrooms (otherwise known as "see how much mess we can make in 45 minutes while Mommy's not really looking) to give me a tiny break which gets me through the day.

The way the papoo fairy works is much like the tooth fairy. We collect all the papoos from everywhere (and I mean they were everywhere--sofa cushions, under beds, drawers, under seats in the car. . . .) and put them in a bag and hang them on the front door. The papoo fairy comes when you are sleeping and takes all the papoos to children who need them and leaves you a suprise. Sadie had requested a purple guitar and a pink teddy bear. The papoo fairy had to improvise and personalize a plain guitar with purple polka dots :-)

The whole collection of papoos. . .

Sadie's chose the gift bags for the papoos and says goodbye!

Look what I got!

It's wonderful and sad at the same time to be rid of the papoos. It was the last "baby" thing we really had left. We definitely have two big girls now!!


Anonymous said...

I'm still sad that the papoos are gone but what cute pictures. I am glad that you are blogging again.
I love you all.


Amy said...

Help me convince Zach to lose his "patty"!

Melene@Sing For Joy said...

My almost 10 year old (unwillingly) gave up her "Bobby" when she turned 3. The first night without it she cried, " I want my bobby!" I'm hoping she someday has a boyfriend named Bobby and she can say the same thing.....Cute blog. Love your children's names. I followed the link from Lots of Scotts.