Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa visit

The preschool that the girls attend hosts a wonderful Santa breakfast every year. It includes crafts, pancakes, and a completely low-stress Santa visit where you take your own pictures. I LOVE that they do this and we can move along at our own pace and not have to wait in line for hours to see Santa. Santa is very friendly and has time to spend a few minutes talking with the girls and reading their lists. Molly and Sadie really enjoyed the time with him, however, Reagan did NOT!!!!!

Sadie reading her list with Santa. Sadie's list includes: Bitty Baby, Mickey Mouse Racetrack, Ponyville, and bunkbeds for her baby dolls.

Molly reading hers, which includes: Puppy that grows and knows your name, Cat that grows (Santa is getting creative with this one as there is no such toy), and crawling Cinderella baby doll:

The girls with Santa before Reagan's breakdown:

Reagan figures out who is holding her and is not happy--this series of pictures cracks me up. . .

We did rescue her quickly, and she recovered well :-)


Libby said...

I love it!! Molly and Sadie look so big!! Seeing Reagan with Santa makes me think of the year we took the girls to see Santa at Lenox and Sadie did NOT like him at all.

Doll Clothes Gal said...

What cute pictures with Santa.