Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I'm way behind on my blogging, but I want to include our Thanksgiving festivities for posterity's sake, so here it goes:

Our tradition is to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family every other year. On the off year, it's spent at home with immediate family. On the years for the extended family celebration we usually go to Alabama and make two stops--one to see my Nana (my Dad's Mother) and the other to see my Mom's side of the family (which is quite extensive, as she has 6 sisters and one brother, all of which have at least 2 children (Amy, I'm counting Johno for you)!) This makes for a group of about 40 people. We hosted Thanksgiving for the extended family at my house this year, so we had a houseful--but it was a blast! It worked out great that I have no dining room furniture because we rented tables and chairs and were able to accomodate everyone!! Kelly was on call (Thanksgiving is a four day call, so it's brutal), but was able to come home and enjoy the food and visit with everyone for a while. The girls especially had fun playing with their cousins Macey and Jodi. They are several years older than my girls, so Molly and Sadie think they are the cool "big" girls. I'm so thankful that they are so sweet to my girls and are happy to play with them, it means alot to Molly and Sadie (and to me).

Both Molly and Sadie were pilgrims in their school programs--and cute pilgrims they were!!!

Macey and Jodi even brought an art project for Thanksgiving:

Molly and Sadie helping Granna break up the cornbread and biscuits for the dressing:

I love this action shot with cornbread in the air:

Reagan enjoyed her first taste of Thanksgiving food:

Happy Thanksgiving (3 weeks late!)

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