Saturday, October 14, 2006

Busy, busy, busy. . .

just so stinking cute!!

Wow! It's only been a week since I posted (which is longer than I intended to wait), but alot has happened since then. Molly has finally recovered from the preschool cooties, but not without a trip to the Pediatrician and a round of antibiotics. Sadie is still sufffering with a never ending runny nose and cough, but Daddy decided we should start her on antibiotics yesterday, so hopefully she'll be better in a day or so.
Kelly has been working a ton and I am pretty worn out and ready for this awful rotation to be over (as is he). Although he doesn't have to take overnight call during the week, he hasn't been getting home until pretty late, usually the girls have been in bed. He has the weekend off though, so we are thankful for that time with him!
Earlier this week, I took the girls to have their silhouettes done. A local kid's store had arranged to have an artist come in. She was amazing. With the girls sitting in my lap reading a book, she took a small piece of black paper and a pair of scissors and within 10 minutes had cut out a perfect silhouette. I was astounded by her talent! Here are copies of them, I think they are adorable!!


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