Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekend with Granna

Jumping on Granna's bed after baths!
Daddy was on call this weekend, so we hung out with Granna! We've been sick all week, so we (mostly Mommy) needed to get out of the house. Mommy is a little worn out from taking care of sick kids that aren't sleeping so well and refuse to take medicine, so Granna stepped in to save the day. Something about being three has made Molly stubborn about taking medicine :-) --I'll let you all know if I figure out what it is! I kept telling Molly all week, "you have two choices, you may take this tablet that tastes like bubble gum or Mommy will have to put the medicine in your bottom (tylenol suppository)" She often was obstinate and I had to do the latter, which was great fun for all that were involved. Apparently the "two choices" thing sunk in because she was coloring with Granna and quoted Mommy. She had colored two pictures and said "Granna, you have two choices, this one or this one". Granna cracked up and couldn't figure out where she had gotten her little saying from!!! She doesn't miss a thing!

We made a HUGE decision this week. Kelly signed a contract with a practice in a small town in the northwestern part of the state about an hour from where we are now. When we visited and Kelly interviewed, we were blown away by the kindness and hospitality we were shown. We really both knew in our hearts when we left the interview and visit that it was the right thing to do for our family. Kelly looked around a little bit and talked to a few other practices, but it always came back to this one. He was thrilled when he went to dinner with a two of the partners and they offered him the job. We are so excited to be moving on to this new chapter of our lives and leaving residency behind us. It's been an incredibly long and hard road (but we wouldn't change a thing), no one realizes how hard doctors work to get where they are.

It's also bittersweet because we will be moving away (not too far) from my family and many of our friends. I honestly could not have waded through Kelly's residency without their help. Kasey and Josh live about a mile from us and often come by after work to save me from the "witching hour"! Granna drives 40 miles (like Libby does!) to keep the girls one day a week while I work. I have a wonderful friend (actually from high school) that lives right across the street and both of our husbands work like crazy, so we keep each other sane (at least we try, Amy-I'm not sure it's working, what do you think?)!! Molly and Sadie have so many people that love them so close right now, we have been very fortunate. We spend a ton of time with my family and love to hang out and will miss them when we move, but will visit all the time, we won't be too far away! As I've told my Mom, "We aren't moving to Montana!". We are still trying to convince Granna and Big D to come with us, we'll see. . . . . . .

We are ready to go, but have 9 more months of residency to endure. But I know the time will fly and we'll be moving soon! I'm trying to slow down and enjoy the time we have left close to our family.

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