Sunday, October 29, 2006

catching up. . .

So, I haven't done nearly as well as I had hoped I would with this blogging thing. I just realized that it's been nearly two weeks since I posted, and I my goal is to post at least once a week, so I have some catching up to do. The girls have done some fun things lately, so this one is going to be pretty long.

We are lucky enough to have my sister Kasey as the girls "hairdresser". She spent a brief period of time in cosmetology school and does a great job with the girls. I am so thankful that I don't have to deal with having someone else cut their hair (especially with my painfully shy Molly who I'm sure would scream if anyone she didn't know tried to touch her hair). Kasey is EXTREMELY patient while they are wiggling all over the place and trying to get into anything within their reach. Somehow she manages to give them really cute haircuts and not cut them or herself in the process.

Last weekend we visited Cagle's Dairy Farm for some fall fun. Kelly was on call, so we went with Kasey, Josh and Josh's brother Jason and his family. Once we got everyone together we realized we had 7 kids with us and we were scared!! But, everyone behaved very well and we had a great time. They had alot of fun stuff for the kids to do, they got to pet calves that were just a few days old, go on a hayride, and see pigs race. They had a great time. Sadie was all over the calves, sticking her arm in their cages and petting them, while Molly watched to see what happened before she tried!! The highlight of the trip was when one of the calves Sadie was petting grabbed her sweater and pulled and wouldn't let go. The green slimy mess left on her sweater was really disgusting, but she thought it was hilarious.

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shrinkingviolet said...

You have very beautiful babies. I have a daughter too and her name is Mollee. She just turned 2 in Sept. She is the love of my life. It's wonderful how kids change your life. I really look forward to reading your Blog some more. Take care.